How Avengers Endgame and Indian Education are related?!

It was a long wait after Infinity war to watch the mighty heroes of the MCU save the universe from mighty Thanos. I was too emotionally attached to the movie that when I watched it for the first time, I did not take notice of anything else around me.

It was when I went to watch the movie for the second time, I noticed a bunch of guys sitting next to me, really disturbed, had doubts and questions all the time and had one guy among them who took his time while watching the movie to explain what was happening in it. It was probably those annoying low pitched voices that bothered me. Being a strong practitioner of staying calm the Hulk’s way, I decided not to give it much attention and focus on the movie. I couldn’t help but notice when the guy beside me couldn’t even recognize the Black Panther or Captain America.

During the interval, I casually asked him if he’d liked the movie so far to which he replied saying, “Its awesome! Great visual effects. Awesome… but… I haven’t seen some of the other movies. My friends told me that its a must-watch, so I just came today.” The conversation went further with me explaining some of the characters and a short recap of what happened before this.

I am pretty sure some of you already guessed where this is going and the correlation between the movie and Indian Education. That’s right! If you can’t figure it out yet, just try to find your friends who studied B.Tech with you and what they do now. Many of us opt for a particular course just because someone else says its good or because it is trending. It may be good for some, but only very few stop to think if it’s good for themselves. And in most cases, it is this group of people who haven’t seen any movie before the endgame, walks in because the movie is trending and sits there without having a clue about what’s happening.

In the case of a movie, it’s only a matter of a few hours whereas, in the case of studies, it’s many precious years of your life that your missing going behind something that you are really not interested in. I should also say, it’s perfectly alright to see what’s trending and explore it. Yes, explore! If you find something interesting and trending, be ready to dig deeper and understand its roots. Take the time to watch all those 21 movies before Endgame and then enjoy the show!

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