100 days of something!

Are you someone who is always busy and has no time for doing even small tasks?

Well, that was me. I always dreamt of doing a lot but mostly ended up doing little to none.

My brain has a diversified portfolio of interests. I’d often start pursuing a new interest just after scratching the surface of the previous one. I always wanted to come out of this loop and do something that stayed with me for some time. Though saying we’re busy sounds cool, I’ve grown not to like it and figured if we properly manage our time at hand, we’d have plenty of time to do things that actually matter.

So with this article, I intend to start a series where I share my experiments for productivity and managing my time more efficiently.

From the various books that I read and the countless TED talks that I listened to, it was clear… I had to build a routine. I wanted to build some good habits. Looked easy at first, but more time I spent figuring out what to do, the more I got farther from my goal. As I mentioned earlier, since I’ve got a ton of interests, I was not sure what I’d turn into a habit that I can do consistently.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

― Vincent Van Gogh

You must’ve heard something along these lines. I decided to give this a try. I figured I must look through the clutter to start just one small thing that I can use to build a habit.

I’d previously heard about this app called Duolingo using which you can learn a new language in a simple way. I decided to give the app a try. One of the best decisions ever.

The app lets you set a daily goal and you need as little time as 15 minutes a day to finish the daily lesson goal. The app would also keep a count of the streak that we build as we use the app consistently.

Every day as you complete a lesson, there will be a flame that is lit. Soon lighting this flame every day and seeing the flame come to light helped me make progress in learning the language.

And even before I realized, it’s been 100 days since I started this journey of learning a new language. The benefits of which does not limit to learning the language alone, but devoting 15 minutes to do something newly paved way for me to pick up more habits which I’ve been able to follow more consistently.

This has already turned out to be lengthier than I imagined and so on an ending note, just figure out one thing that you have interest in and start doing it for as little as 15 minutes every day and it can work wonders.

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